Our New House in Texas

Watch this page and the linked pages for progress on the new house in Houston Texas. Click on the below picture for a larger version.

Our address is Cypress Texas. It's about 20 miles north west of Houston Texas. Here is a map showing the approximate location: http://www.visitfairfield.com/images/areamap.pdf

The house is in the "Fairfield" planned community: http://www.visitfairfield.com/splash.htm

Here is a plot map showing the lot and the lots immediately around it.

The area was pasture and farmland until it was bought up by the developers. Our lot is one of the few in the "Bradford Lakes" area of Fairfield that has trees on it so I guess in real estate language, we have a "wooded" lot. It will be pleasant to have several mature trees in the back yard as part of the landscaping. We have a green space and a road behind us so we won't have a backyard neighbor. The area behind the house to the right where you can see some mature trees is one of the Fairfield community pools so we will have easy access to the pool in the summer. I don't expect to need our own pool. The Fairfield Rec Center is a short walk away too. There are a year round pool, a gym, and several sports fields there. We really liked all of the walking trails in Fairfield. Even the lakes have public walking trails all around them unlike most of the other developments offering "lakeside" lots where private lots go all the way to the edges of the lakes.

This is the plan for the house we worked from. We added the guest room on the first floor in the notch between the utility room and the family room and changed the outside to brick and stone. Since we are on a corner lot, our garage faces one street while our entrance faces the other. Our house is a mirror image of the one shown here. http://www.frontiercustombuilders.com/View_Homes.asp?HomesPage=5&ModelNumber=3995

Our builder is Frontier Custom Builders: http://www.frontiercustombuilders.com/nonflash.htm

December and February trips

Pictures from our April trip

Pictures from May 4

Pictures from June 24  (Pictures are in rows, three across. Use "next page" links at the bottom of each page or use these page links.  Page 1  Page 2  Page 3 )

Pictures from June 25  (Pictures are in rows, three across, scroll to see them all. Use "next page" links at the bottom of each page or use these page links.  Page 1  Page 2 ) This set shows the granite in the kitchen installed, some of the cabinet staining started, and the local wildlife. We've seen the jackrabbit on several trips starting way back in December. This time he was munching on weeds in our back yard. I took the pictures from the second floor balcony.