April Trip

Pictures from our April trip to Houston.

The house is fully framed. The roofers finished the roof while we were there. The brick was started but was only partially finished. They hadn't delivered the stone yet. The progress in one week while we were there was amazing.

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Front view from street

Front view of the house from across Begonia Creek Court. Funny thing is that the big windows facing the front are in the garage and the master bedroom closet.

Another front view

Master BR side

This whole side of the house is the master bedroom "suite". The open spaces will be glass block windows looking out from the master bath. Our bed will go between the two tall narrow windows.

Back from master br side

The back of the house from the master bedroom side. The big empty space on the second floor is the upstairs deck. There is a good sized covered patio on the first floor, too.

Back yard from street side

The back yard. We have a few good sized trees that will stay and become part of the landscaping. You can see the corner of the guest room

Street side from lake

This is the street side from the "lake" (really pond). You can see the back yard and the street beyond it. We won't have a close back neighbor.

Corner view of carport and garage

Brick on the front

They were working on the brick when we were there. On the front they put a decorative pattern about half way up. They are bricking around the curved area of the dining room.

Brick on the family room

Garage side with brick

View of back yard out breakfast area windows

We have curved window areas like this in the breakfast area, master bedroom, study, and dining room.

View out family room windows

Out the guest room windows

Unfortunately, there will eventually be a fence here. Guest room windows will probably look out at the vegetable garden.

View out left upstairs bedroom

This view won't change much. It looks at the house way across the street in the back and the park area by the community pool.

Out right upstairs bedroom windows

Out bonus room window

Unfortunately, there will be a house built across the street so the view won't remain as good. You should still be able to see the lake on either side of the house.

Out upstairs patio

This view will not change much. You can see how far away the nearest neighbor is in the back.