Pictures from May 4

Our friend Herman took these pictures on May 4. You can see, lots more brick had been laid.

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Lots more brick in the front.

The area on the right that isn't brick will be stone. They need to frame in an arch at the entry way and brick it and the columns.

Brick over the garage door.

Interesting to see the brick over the garage door. Looks like they put in a piece of wood to support it until the morter sets.

Brick around curved windows in the back.

Back columns are correct now.

The back columns were siding in the April pictures. That was wrong. They are brick now, the way they are supposed to be.

Those construction workers sure make a mess.

The left side of the front entryway.

It's interesting to see the pattern the bricklayers put in the wall.

More front left side.

The area that isn't bricked will be stone.

Close up of front doors.

The brick around the curved windows is interesting. Those aren't the doors we'll actually have when the house is finished.