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Kevin's Woodcrafts Pens: Would you like to buy a hand turned wooden pen?
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"Change the World" PowerPoint show

Our House in Texas

Jessica's Graduation Pictures

The Great 2001 Winter Road Trip

Pictures from Europe, March 2000 

Our 1998 family vacation in Yellowstone Park

California State 4-H Web Site

Rebecca's Web Site

Jessica's Web Site

Kevin Wentzel


Meet Kevin

I live north west of Houston Texas but grew up and went to college  in Wisconsin. I work in the computer industry, and am a very active 4-H leader. My primary hobby is woodworking and I sell wooden pens. I also enjoy reading, casual bicycle riding and camping. I am an amateur mechanic and work on my motorcycle and cars all the time.

Is the picture really the way I really look? Well, not always but you never know what to expect.


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