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Consider giving wooden pens as gifts for holidays, graduation, Mothers or Fathers day, and other special events.

High Quality Hand Turned Wooden Pens

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I make top quality hand turned wooden pens. I make pens out of a wide variety of woods and other materials such as Corian. All pens are hand turned and hand finished to the highest standards. I do not use a duplicator.

The metal parts in all pens have gold on titanium plating technology which wears very well. The pen I've been using daily for 2 years shows no sign of the gold wearing off. The ballpoint pens use a Parker refill. The rollerball uses a Schmidt, Mt. Blanc, or Pelikan refill. I think the Pelikan refill is best. The fountain pen uses Mt. Blanc style ink cartridges.

The pens sell for:

Cross Style Ballpoint $25
European Style Ballpoint (above) $35
European Style 7mm Pencil $35
Parker Style Ballpoint (below) $35
Parker Style 7mm Pencil $35
Parker Style Rollerball $50
Parker Style Fountain Pen $50
Gift Box (free with pen&pencil set) $4

Some woods are slightly more expensive because of their extra cost

Woods and other materials I work with:

Birdseye Maple, Cocobolo, Rosewood, Tulip Wood, White Oak, Red Oak, Zebra Wood, Chakte-Coc, Macassar Ebony, Madrone, Ambrosia Maple, Spalted Maple, Figured California Walnut, Purple Heart, Osage Orange, King Wood, True Mahogany, Xircote, Bocote, Corian, Crushed Velvet Resin, and many others...

You can contact me via email at:
You can phone (408) 274-1971 or fax (408)273-6771

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